One thing that can be said about this place is that there’s no sea and there’s no hurry; our mantra is ‘discover how to take your time’. Whether you’re into hiking or strolling, explore this region and find out where we are and the places you can visit.

There is actually a sea here: a sea of grapevines. They form a swell that can be seen from where the owl flies, soothing those who venture into it. Here, at sunset, the white light turns red and, like a siren song, nature fills the countryside with her irresistible sounds.

Welcome to #ExploreMore, a space on our website devoted to anybody who loves landscapes, paths, pebbles, nature, art, gastronomy and tranquillity. From our little corner of the world, we’ll be showing you a few spots near the winery we’re sure to enjoy, but there are many others out there for the explorers among you.